FDB Training N delivery services CIC was set up in 2016 as a community-based not-for-profit training and development organisation in loving memory of Mr. & Mrs. Brown who sadly passed away within 8 months of each other.

About Us

FDB is a new not for profit third sector (CIC) community interest company based at the New Horizon Community Centre, South Lodge Road, Mitcham, Surrey.

The organisation itself gained Companies House registration, in June 2017, in memory of Mrs. Fay Brown (my mother), who believed in the betterment and development of the wider community. Her wish before her passing was to ask her eldest son to set up this organisation (FDB), to help and support people who are hard to reach in the wider community.

FDB provides support, help and advice aimed at enabling improvement in Employability, Training, Education and Self Development for members of the local community.

Working with its partner organisations FDB has a plan in place aimed at:

  • - Building trust and rapport with prospective clients (attendees).
  • - Making useful connections and promoting improvement in confidence, wellbeing, and self-esteem of as part of the delivery strategy.

The programmes delivered by FDB are designed to:

  • - Bring about enhanced clients (attendees) engagement.
  • - Improve accessibility of the local community to training and development programmes and services.
  • - Provide information on Continued personal development.

FDB Training N Development Services through the less is more methodology can bring about success in employability, education, training and self-development for the individuals or small groups living within the local community.

The “Less is More” initiative has been set up to meet the employability, training and education needs of the local community.

The programme model offers the following:

  • A pathway for the individual to improve their self-esteem and social skills
  • Help and support to enable the individual to move into the employment market with greater self-confidence and awareness
  • The gathering of useful employability knowledge and skills to enable the individual to access a wider and more diverse range of employment opportunities
  • Opportunities to access a wide range of available services dedicated to employment progression
  • Fast Track Pathways towards Employment
  • Opportunities to align self to match job description through CV development
  • A number of one to one sessions to enable clients (attendees) to develop at own pace and to prepare the individual for potential interviews ahead (which are likely to emerge sooner than expected)
  • Self-development through training and educational opportunities
  • Development of sound interview techniques geared at improving confidence when attending interview
  • Brokering positive relationships between potential employers and suitable job applicants through the FDB “Less is More” initiative
  • A minimum of eight development sessions
  • Flexibility in the delivery of the eight development sessions (2, 4, 8 weeks) depending upon the needs of the organization and the individual.

Our Impact

Our gentle, organic approach and unique delivery methods used to help and support clients ensures that we are successful in encouraging attendees to complete the programme. Attendance on the programme has been very good with some residents attending several times per week. By attending the programme the attendees have improved their skills in terms of employability, self esteem and motivation.

Attendees are advised to understand the significance of barriers against employment, the importance of proper budgetary control, the reason why suitable jobs must be selected, and why improvement in education and training is necessary for improving pay and job opportunities. They have become confident more about their chances of securing employment and say that they have a much better understanding of the employment market and employer’s requirements.

The programme has supported residents ranging from ages 16 to over 60. Many attendees prefer a one-to-one method of delivery. They feel less pressured and information can flow more adequately. Currently one-to-one is the main method of delivery.


Working with Steve at FBD CIC the reverse is true: less is more!

At the Commonside Trust, team members have known Steve for a number of years, since he first used the building to run alternative education sessions. I have worked closely with Steve focusing on the needs of local people in the East Mitcham/Pollards Hill estate area.

At Commonside we have worked with a number of different training providers, from the larger ones such as Prospects and Prevista, to medium and smaller-sized ones such as Grenfell Training and TRP. Often, we are asked or cajoled to do for free the work that the contract holders themselves should be doing – finding people who can benefit from Government-funded programmes.

Working with Steve has been a completely different experience. For a start he is not funded and everything we have done together has been on a shoe string, voluntary and because we believe it to be beneficial to others.

We ran a pilot project in 2017, supporting local people into work and helping those who wanted to change careers. I say ‘we’ – I provided the room free of charge as long as no one else wanted to pay to use it, and stuck my head around the door to say ‘hello’ every now and again – Steve and his colleagues did the work.

The interesting thing about Steve’s approach is whilst with most training courses we can work really hard to get, say 12 people in the room with a trainer on the first day to see if they want to sign up, and then get a diminishing number of people attending the course as the training days pass, with Steve, we have started with low numbers and overall they have grown. As the course progresses, more people have wanted to attend and they have asked if they can come in on extra days. I have never come across this before.

He motivates them. He is working on getting these case studies presented. They speak volumes more than a box-ticked monitoring spreadsheet.

The other reason I put a high value on what Steve is doing is because he and I are working in the middle of an estate where it has, for the past 13+ years that I have been doing this job, been very difficult to engage people unless they are at crisis point. I run a busy community centre. We have a high case load of families not coping well with the challenges of 21st century life in London. We host training and encourage and support people to train, volunteer and gain paid employment if they are able. There are high levels of stasis on the estate with pockets of high social exclusion, sickness, crime, addictions, domestic violence. Finding ways to break this cycle is key and tricky. Steve does seem to have some of the answers.

Steve drives me nuts with his admin and space needs, but I stick with it because his results are really exciting. I do hope you agree and are able to support our work together.

Naomi Martin
Commonside Community Development Trust

I found the Workshops extremely useful. They made me pay attention to my budget and that made me select a mental health practitioner job that could cover my expenses. The interview skills, preparation and practice were good and helped me get the job I am doing now. The FDB guys searched for Jobs for me and gave me websites that I could use to search for Jobs. As a result of the Pre-employment course I have gained a lot of confidence and is now much more confident in what I do, to the point where I am about to set up and run my own business.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone I know. The support given by the FDB team is second to none and they are always there to help you even when you have finished and started work.

Tracy Chiyangwa

I honestly enjoyed the workshops, Very friendly environment. The teachers are very kind and supportive.

They have helped me with business plan, pricing structure, and goals that I want to achieve.

I now know what to do to run by shipping start-up business. They have advised me on getting a website setup and to make sure that I have an agreement statement document with all the clauses written in so people knows exactly the type of service they can expect.

I will recommend FDB to family and friends!

Nicholas Boateng

A friend of mine who attended the workshops told me about them and so I had a go.

I enjoy the workshops, my adviser is very helpful in everything and gave me also lots of advice that has opened my mind and made me wanted to attend the workshops even more. I have had help with improving my CV and I now know how to search for better jobs. I am working as a care worker now but is looking for a higher paid job with the help of Steve and Horace from FDB. I will advise more people to take this kind of workshop for it is very helpful.

Thank you!

Joan S Koenders

The Programme

The main programme features:

  • Information and career guidance
  • Team working (where possible) to improve participation and self-esteem through problem solving and ideas generation
  • Specialist CV Workshops
  • Interview technique coaching (with video analysis)
  • Regular encouragement throughout all sessions
  • Opportunity to learn at own pace
  • Group focused thinking outside the box methodology

The benefits of the programme:

  • Personalized learning
  • Step-by-step preparation for employability opportunities
  • Development of skills
  • Structured learning but less formal
  • Introduction to educational and self-development opportunities

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